Steal and Wiki

The blog on Jason the Content Librarian was wonderful and I also saw the video that was posted already. It is so true that libraries copy each other’s work but we really need to steal it, make it our own and make it better. Only when we become better and our society appreciates what we are doing then we can become successful. So my fellow classmate let’s get thinking. Become great steal. I mean if we just copy it is like we learn’t in class I think it is the JPEG the equality diminishes. Steal it make it look like the original and your own even better.

I think the wiki is a good idea it is a good way to “Steal” and become original and advance libraries. It can be used by adding our ideas and look for ideas that we could use and also recommending it to others. We cannot copy and become worse. Also if we combine the ideas we find there with all the advancing technology we are getting we should be invincible, unstoppable.








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