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  1. ayoolaclarke Said:

    Well written article. It is great to know that you are promoting the physical use of the library and have even given insight with regards to what can be expected. The library needs more staff with that passion to encourage.

  2. Bravo well said! I myself did not know about the srevices being offered at the library until i started working there about six years ago. While it is nice to sit in the comfort of your home and access a book online and get library information, it is even better to have face-to-face contact and interact with the public at your local library. There are different displays every month and lots of activities to participate in. You can even volunteer to help out in the library, a little charity goes a long way. So i do endorse the words of my colleague Ms. Daniel in saying check out your local library, there is lots to learn. Try it, you would love it!

  3. Nichelle Superville Said:

    The library holds so much of information that it will be difficult for many if they just stayed at home and access it via the internet. When you come into a library there are to to interact with. Library can help you find what you are looking for. Some of them might be un-professional but say what, everyone is not the same. Library visits is a must. A little vacation away from home where you can obtained a great deal of knowledge.

  4. kristol83 Said:

    Those who don’t visit a library are missing out on alot. There are so many activties and programmes that encourage interaction between users and staff. Users would be getting personal insight into doing research and someone is always on hand to answer any questions personally.

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