Access without the restrictions

So you go to the library, you are searched by security, no food, no drinks, no gum, no bags and no talking on cell phones and definitely no loud talking!!!! What do you say “Hey its ok, it’s worth it as long as I get to use the library.” The Library is so advanced now though you can access it from home just go online see if the books are available get in and get out there are no worries about the restrictions. While doing your work home on the online library you can eat, chew gum, talk on the phone, there are no body searches and you can scream out loud when you are frustrated about the assignments and receive no funny stares or “SHH!!” from the librarian.
While at home is convenient have you ever stopped to ask yourself what am I missing at library? The library extends its self to dispense information in an interesting way. Something as simple as new books can be a grand display at the library or even information that we do not think is important or goes unnoticed but is important to other countries. Such as recently the High Commission of India in Trinidad commemorated Gandhi and movies were shown. Then there is International Women’s Day coming up soon different libraries take different spins on these topics for example my library focused on famous women in our country and even those who originated from our country and are recognized abroad. We even created our own bookmarks to give out to the public because this year they are celebrating International Women’s Day Centenary.
So yeah there are fewer restrictions to using the library at home but what are you missing out? Visit your local library and find out!!!

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